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Helping You Meet Your Manufacturing Design Requirements

Diablo Sales represents precision polymer processing by companies focused on the medical device industry and high-technology sectors. Applications range from micro-miniature molding with ultrathin walls to extrusion and forming of tubing and film with critical dimensions and tolerances. We can assist with your design requirements from the very basic raw materials to the most complex assembly features.

Resins & Compounds

  • Cross-linked materials
  • Custom colors and blends
  • Radiopaque compounds
  • Reinforced thermoplastics
  • Lubricated compounds
  • Electrically conductive
  • Nanocomposite materials
  • Low-friction compounds
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Antimicrobials
  • Bioabsorbables
  • Implant grades

Tubing Products

Lubricious and EXTRUDED Medical Tubing & More!
Diablo Sales represents one of the largest selections of extruded medical tubing from thermoplastic and thermoset polymer resins. Lubricious medical tubing can be rapidly prototyped as a custom extrusion as well as a dip coat process.

Depending upon material requirements, ID sizes range from 0.002” to 0.750”. Wall thickness can go as low as 0.00025” from specific materials. Radiopaque fillers of barium sulfate, bismuth trioxide, as well as tantalum and tungsten are available.

Capabilities consist of:

  • Ultrathin wall tubing (<.001”)
  • Multi-lumen extrusions (straight and tapered)
  • Co-extrusions (striped and multilayer)
  • Irradiated high-strength balloon tubing
  • Heat-shrinkable tubing
  • Vacuum-sizing
  • Profiles
  • Secondary forming operations
  • Assembly operations
  • Braided tubing
  • Bump tubing
  • High-temperature tubing
  • High dielectric strength tubing
  • Signal transmission tubing

Composite Tubing
Hybrid composite tubing of different polymer resins can be manipulated to produce specific performance characteristics, such as adding strength and/or more flexibility or allowing better bonding properties for laminating layers of materials. Signal transmission properties are another possibility.

Reinforced Tubing
A metallic, round or flat wire can be used as a braid or coil within the wall of tubing for high-torque, high-pressure, and kink-resistant applications and yet be flexible. Picks per inch (PPI) can be varied to also affect the stiffness of the shaft.

For instance, a design may require a stiff proximal section and a floppy distal section. Special lubricious polymer liners or hydrophilic coatings can be added on both the ID and OD. These shafts can be assembled with multiple durometers with soft and deflecting tips if required. Nonmetallic braids are also available.

Signal transmission and thermocouple wires can be embedded into the walls. Radiopaque platinum coils can also be embedded. Insert molding, thermal and adhesive bonding, as well as tipping operations are also available.

​Lubricious medical tubing can be produced from new low-durometer resins that in the past were inherently “tacky” to the touch. We can also coat both the ID’s and OD’s of the extruded medical tubing or provide lubricious PTFE/FEP liners, depending upon the application.


Molded Products
Our suppliers also provide precision micro-miniature injection and insert molding, utilizing high-performance materials such as fluoropolymer FEP, PFA, ETFE, as well as thermoplastics, elastomers, and silicone materials. Microdiameters and ultrathin walls are also possible with engineered resins like PEEK, PEI, PC, Ultem, LCP, as well as implant grades and bioabsorbables.

Our associate engineers have developed innovative new tooling, process, and assembly techniques to solve the most complex manufacturing issues involving a variety of materials.

Film & Sheet Products

When Diablo first considered film products, we made a decision to represent the urethane film and sheet, specifically. These products have the best overall properties of rubber and plastic, without the weaknesses inherent in plasticized vinyl films.

Without plasticizers, these urethane films do not leach out or become brittle or weak.
Urethane films and sheets can be laminated to a variety of substrates such as fabric, foam, or other plastics by using heat or adhesives.

Specialty resins can be extruded into thin films or sheets for glass and textile laminations, as well as medical or protective applications.

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