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Proficiency in Processing and Manufacturing Metals

Diablo Sales hosts a range of mechanical and electrical applications involving stainless steel, nitinol, titanium, tantalum, MP35N, and precious metals such as platinum. Specialty high strength alloys are used for miniaturized electrical and signal transmission applications. Implantable grades are also available.

These metals can be machined, lasered, or provided as processed wire or hypo-tubing with coatings and/or secondary operations. We have dialed-in processes that can remove coatings and insulations easily without damage to surfaces.

Precision Machining

Our supplier has over 75 years of experience in precision machining of implantables such as titanium housings, bone screws, heart valves, stents, platinum electrodes, and catheter components. We also supply tight-toleranced precision parts to other high-technology sectors that demand high-quality critical components.

The rapid prototyping lab is focused on customer response and early one-on-one communication to complete the design for manufacturability route. It is equipped with the latest CNC machining, laser, and stamping technology.

We specialize in precious metals including Pt, Pd, Ir, Au, Nb, Ta, W, and non-precious metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and MP35N.

Laser Machining

Precision laser-machining of metallic and plastic components ranges from sophisticated 3-dimensional stent and filter designs to processing of ultra-fine insulated wires, micro-hole drilling, welding of dissimilar materials, and fine ablation techniques.

Wire & Hypo Assemblies

Stainless STEEL HYPODERMIC TUBING & WIRE Tube Assemblies

A variety of precious metal and stainless steel hypodermic tubing is supplied as laser-fabricated components and can be coated to produce lubricious medical tubing as required by new product design engineers.

Wire products cover applications ranging from insulated, ultrafine wires of high-strength copper alloys for signal transmission to mechanical applications utilizing stainless steel, nitinol, MP35N, and other exotic alloys. Our supplier processes millions of feet of wire a year on proprietary equipment that has been refined over the past 100 years. They also maintain in-house capability for heat-treating, stress-relieving, and secondary operations.

Insulated wire
These film-insulated, ultrafine wires range in size from 30 AWG to 52 AWG (0.00078”). These wires can be stranded, twisted, or built into multifilar constructions such as miniature thermocouples. Insulated wires can also be incorporated into the walls of extruded tubing and yet maintain inner lumens open for other application procedures—or just to downsize a device.

Straightened & cut
This unique stress-reducing straightening process was developed specifically for the most difficult profile grinds. The process can also apply to coated wire or hypo-tubing. Wire mandrels can also be provided shaped such as “D”, “C”, and crescent-shaped mandrels.

Precision grinding
We are experienced with centerless, profile, flat, and plunge grinding of wire and tubing as fine as 0.0015”. All alloys are covered, including 304V, nitinol, and MP35N. In-house annealing and stress-relieving ovens provide flexibility in processing. Intricate profile grinds for PTCA guidewires neuro-interventional guidewires, and specialty mandrels can also be supplied.

Wire forming
We provide the forming and shaping of wires with diameters from 0.002”, including multiple configurations. Wires can also be pressed into flat sections as thin as 0.001”.

Coated wire & hypo-tubing
Wires and hypo-tubing can be supplied with various coatings, from high-temperature PTFE and parylene to hydrophilic for enhanced lubricity. Coatings are very thin (0.0002) and perfectly smooth and uniform. In addition to the straightening and cutting, coatings can be selectively removed, and wire tips can be annealed and/or ground to specifications.

Coils & Torque Cables

Coil Winding & Torque Cables. Precision coils can be produced with OD’s as small as .003” using .0005”-diameter wire. Round or flat wire as small as 0.0007” can be used. Coils can be tapered; multi-diameter or have varying stiffness (droop) in close windings.

Materials range from stainless, nitinol, MP35N, and precious metals such as platinum for marker band or tip coil applications. Coils can also be made from pre-coated wire without damage to the coating or the potential for flaking/cracking, as seen with traditional “spray” coatings.

Platinum coil marker bands
Where low profiles and maximum flexibility are required, coiled marker bands made from either round or flat wire are the answer. For added lubricity, pre-coated hydrophilic platinum wires can be used.

Multi-Flex & multifilar coils
These designs are for driveshaft cables and assemblies with high torsional and column strength requirements for rotating surgical devices.

Polymer coated coils
A variety of thin wall polymers can be coated over the OD of the coils or applied to the ID for maximum flexibility and kink resistance.

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